Skyrim: Alchemy Ingredient Matcher


The Skyrim Alchemy Ingredient Matcher tool was created to help players find unknown properties for ingredients they have on hand. See which ingredients match and what potions they create.

  • Super easy hover and scroll navigation – click-free!
  • Matched ingredients notated with number of matched properties
  • Scroll only moves ingredient list leaving properties, matches, and potion in view
  • Hover over ingredient to reveal properties
  • Hover over property to see matching ingredients
  • Hover over matched ingredient to see potion properties
  • Automated background switcher and manual background switcher widget

Updates 1 March 2014

WordPress update changes UI (user interface) in the Admin section with some additions to the New Post section.

Currently there is not a post, article of page for the Skyrim Alchemy Ingredient Matcher. Skyrim Alchemy link is

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All drafts, posts, comments, media, etc. appear to have migrated successfully.

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